Know More About Commercial Moving and Your Options

A professional commercial moving company would make sure that your office shifting or warehousing arrangement is done in the best possible way which suits your unique needs and challenges. Commercial movers in India are known to provide quality services for projects of all sizes and industries. Let us take a quick look at the kinds of services you can avail from a reputed commercial moving company.

Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moving in India can comprise of various kinds of business relocation services such as – office shifting, shifting of schools or universities, laboratory moving, technology or server shifting and of course corporate relocation services.

Office Moving

Coordinating the shifting of your office space can be a mind boggling task. This is why you need the help of a team of expert commercial movers who would carefully tackle all the details of your office relocation. Every office has its own set of requirements and therefore the commercial movers would come up with a customised relocation solution which would suit both your budget and interest. No matter if you are looking forward to moving down the street, to a different part of the city or across the country, you always need to resort to the help of a dependable commercial moving company.

Why do I need office moving services?

Relocation of your office space can be a very strenuous task since it involves the shifting of a range of articles. Let us take a look at how an expert commercial moving company can help you with office moving.

  • They would deliver you with all the materials and crates before you move
  • They would offer full or partial packing services which would include crating
  • A team of professional movers would be loading, transporting and delivering your articles
  • In case your shifting location is not yet ready, they would provide you with short term or even long term storage in a secured warehouse
  • They would help you with warehousing and inventory management
  • They also offer document extermination and purging services
  • They would properly dispose of or recycle the unwanted articles
  • They would provide you with rigging services for heavy items
  • They would disassemble your furniture and install them in your new space
  • They would take good care of the relocation of the electronic devices in your office

School and University Relocation

Commercial movers in India can also help in the relocation of schools or universities. Let’s take a look at how the moving company can help the school or university authorities with the task of relocation. No matter if you are in the need of logistics assistance or on campus moving, a professional commercial moving company can do the job perfectly for you.

How can commercial movers help in school relocation?
  • They would help in the moving of departments or administrative offices
  • They would provide you with logistics assistance
  • In case of any renovation within the school or college property, they would help in shifting and storage
  • They would provide invaluable services in storage, warehousing and distribution
  • They will be helping you dispose of or recycle the unwanted items
  • They will provide post shifting services along with debris removal services
  • They would help with installation of furniture in the classrooms, office or dorm
  • They would help you with the arduous task of laboratory moving and library moving

Technology and server relocation

No matter if you are just shifting your company’s PCs or moving your servers and data rooms, a dependable moving company knows exactly what it takes to handle your expensive electronic devices. They are fully aware that information is the driving power of your business which is why they would do everything in their capacity to safeguard the technology which stores your data.

How can commercial movers help in tech moving?
  • They would provide you with a full time move coordinator and planner if you pay the fees
  • They would help you with pre-move and delivery of crates
  • They would offer packing or crating services
  • They would disconnect your electronic devices and connect them after transportation
  • They would provide you with anti-static packing materials according to your computer
  • They would provide rolling carts for transporting expensive electronic items
  • In case your new office is not yet ready you can store your items at their secure warehouse
  • They would properly recycle or dispose of any unwanted electronic items

Medical equipment and laboratory shifting

Shifting your lab or medical equipment is a very hazardous job which demands the professional help of a moving company. A commercial moving company can help you move all the bulky and expensive items such as MRIs, X-Ray machines, hospital beds and lots more. Moving your laboratory or hospital equipment needs meticulous handling and proper shipping techniques or else you’d run the risk of damaging your expensive items. A professional commercial mover would take utmost care of your medical equipment and make use of all sorts of protective measures to ensure their safeguarding. They would work alongside you and determine the best possible handling and shipping techniques suitable for your high value medical equipment. They would not just transport your system but also help you with proper installation of the medical equipment in your new destination.

Commercial moving in India

In India you will get to choose from a host of commercial moving companies many of which have their own websites. However, the cost of commercial moving is surely going to depend on the size and nature of your project. Ideally you need to consult a number of movers and provide them with your exact moving requirements. Once you get to know about the commercial moving rate of each of those companies, you have to decide on the most cost effective one. Keep in mind that an experienced commercial moving company would guarantee minimum downtime, zero damage and a seamless shifting of your commercial establishment. Never take any chances when it comes to commercial relocation and always make sure to get your job done by a company which knows how to make the entire transition process as smooth as possible.


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