Know More About Air Cargo Transport & Your Options

Air cargo can be defined as any item which is being transported in an aircraft. The advent of internet in the 90s has immensely helped the air transport industry to become a lot more reliable and accessible. These days most airlines allow their customers to track the real time flight status, booking, etc. so as to provide them with a safe and hassle free manner of transporting their shipments. Almost 1/3 of the total international trade value is shipped by air which accounts for approximately $6.8 trillions of items in a year. However, since the cost of air transport is rather high, it is mostly suitable for transporting mails, light cargo or expensive cargo. In this article we are going to discuss everything you need to know about air transportation with special emphasis on air cargo transport in India.

Advantages of Air Cargo Transport

Greater Speed

One of the major reasons why most people or companies opt for air transport is because of its super high speed. It is surely the fastest means of transporting your goods and therefore is ideal for situations where time is the primary factor.

Totally reliable departure and arrival times

As you surely know by now the departure and arrival times of flights in India are much more dependable than that of trains or any other means of transport. Airlines are generally right on their schedule and even when a flight is missed there isn’t going to be considerable delay since there are planes departing every hour.

The cargo can be shipped to any part of the globe

Many airlines in India come with a vast network of destination covering almost every part of the world. This implies that air cargo would allow you to send your shipment almost everywhere.

Low insurance premium ensures greater saving

Since the transit time for air transport is much shorter, its insurance premium is also much lower. Even though air freight is costlier it ensures large savings because of the lower insurance rate.

Much lower risk of damage and theft

One of the reasons why many people choose to transport their precious items via air freight is because of the higher level of security. The well managed safety controls in the airports helps to eliminate the threats of damage or theft.

Not much packing required

Generally air shipments take much less packing when compared to other alternatives like sea shipments. This factor helps you save considerable time and money which is otherwise spent on additional packaging.

It Allows You to Track the Status of Your Cargo

Any reputed air shipment company allows their customers to track their items via a web application. This implies that the client can remain up to date with the status of their shipments, its departure and arrival times.

Cons of Air Cargo Transportation

In spite of all the advantages of air freight, there are also a few downside to this kind of freight.

High cost

Air cargo transport is surely the most expensive method of shipping which is why it is generally reserved for transporting mails or items of high value.

Size limit

Another disadvantage of this freight method is that it only allows for a limited space which each flight is able to accommodate without overloading. Therefore the good being transferred would be subjected to size limits. This is why very heavy items or extremely bulky packages are not likely candidates for air cargo transport. There are regulatory authorities which set a limit to the kind of items which can or cannot be shipped via flight.


Lastly it needs to be mentioned that hurricanes or storms can lead to unexpected delay of the shipping schedule.

Air Freight Rates in India

Domestic Freight Rates

When it comes to shipping items within India, the air cargo transportation charges aren’t going to be exorbitant. The freight rates would depend on the distance being traveled and the weight and volume of the cargo being shipped. The rates could also vary depending on your service provider. You will be able to calculate the approximate air freight charge in India by visiting websites like or . All you need to do is visit one of these sites, enter your origin, destination, volume weight, gross weight and commodity and you are all set to get your approximate freight quote. On the other hand you can also choose a reputed shipping company and leave the entire job in the good hands of the experts.

International Freight

The shipping process gets more different and expensive when you step into the international territories. In all probabilities there’s going to be some sort of ground transport involved in cases of international shipping which is why the cost goes higher. Your freight shipping service provider would provide you with all the minute details and info.

Tips and guidelines for air cargo shipping

  • Ensure that you have packed your goods properly before shipping them. Even though there is much limited risk of damage in air cargo, you still need to properly secure your items. Expensive items needs to be packed with ample pallets, padding and sturdy cardboard packages to minimize the risk of damages.
  • You always need to use the correct weight and measurement of the goods being transported. This info needs to be accurate since it is going to be used by the trucking company and the airlines for calculating the price and the fuel required to transport them. Inaccurate calculation of your shipment could cause the cargo to be held over until the carrier verification process is complete. 
  • Ensure that the content of your cargo is described properly and accurately since any discrepancy would lead to a host of troubles.
  • Finally we come to the last important aspect of air cargo transport that is properly covering all the required documents. Special attention needs to be paid to the commercial invoice. After mentioning the weight and the measurement of the articles, you would be required to provide the present market value of the items being shipped.

In conclusion it needs to be mentioned that availing the services of a reputed air shipping company would take all the stress out of your mind. All you need to do is contact them and once the item has been shipped you just need to sit back and keep track of it via a web app.


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