What is airport terminal?

Airport terminal is that building in the airport where all the passengers buy their tickets, handover their luggage and go through the security check. While small airports have just one terminal, the bigger airports come with several terminals. International airports generally have 2 grade separated loop roads meant for arrival and departure of vehicles. While the smaller airports come with up to 3 lane loop roads used by vehicles for dropping or picking up the passengers. The loop roads could come with a direct connection with the local train or subway which connects it with the commercial district of the nearest major city.

In order to achieve profitability most airline operators are needed to come up with a cost effective mode of managing their transport resources. The task of the air terminal management companies is to provide the airport operators with the best consultancy which would allow them to resolve any kind of issue which might crop up. In this article we are going to talk about all the air terminal management details.

Air Terminal Management Services

The fast evolving economic scenario and the need to keep the transportation cost at a minimum has distinctly changed the way of management of the airport terminals. Many companies with terminals are now choosing to outsource, contract in or contract out for optimizing their operational effectiveness and also for keeping down the cost of their business. There are many logistics companies which leverage on their expertise of creation, operation and management of private freight terminals so as to provide a comprehensive solution to air terminal management. These companies are known to provide a complete air terminal management package. This implies that the logistics company is fully responsible for all the operation and maintenance of the customer’s facilities.

What is the job of the air terminal management companies?

As already mentioned above, the air terminal management companies helps the airport operators easily manage their transport solutions. They are also known to provide reliable IT solutions which would allow the airport operators to easily satisfy their customers by proper management of all kinds of resources. The task of air terminal management covers many areas including the application and management of both stand-alone resources along with the distinct modules. They provide the airport operators the most cost effective way of management of transport resources. The air terminal management companies in India are also known to provide TM solutions for hassle free management of airport resources.

How can the customer benefit from the air terminal management solutions?

Let us now take a quick look at how air terminal management companies can help the cause of the customers.

  • Firstly the air terminal management companies helps in competent and productive usage of the airport resources.
  • These companies are also known to offer long term capacity planning.
  • They provide the airport operators with all the movement data so that they can manage the air billing system more competently.
  • Their aim of their services is to achieve improved customer satisfaction.

The air cargo terminal service providers helps in the cargo handling services which is one of the major branches of the aviation industry. Since the customer’s business greatly depend upon successful handling of cargo, these companies ensure that the job of cargo handling is properly carried out without in interruption every day of the year. Their invaluable services has a great role to play in the enhancement of cargo handling and management services. It is their job to provide innovation and expertise in the field of cargo management. With their help the airport operators are able to provide their customers with an unparalleled experience.

Air terminal management services in India

Companies which provide services in air terminal management in India are known to prioritize two factors- speed and safety. They help to take care of each and every aspect of cargo management starting from accepting the cargo in the warehouse, storing them and eventually moving them from the warehouse and carrying them by using an integrated barcode system which follows the international standards.

With the help of appropriate gate module they would improve the operation of apron parking along with other major resources for allocating fight to their right parking position. Their gate module helps to promptly resolve any resource allocation issues. The air terminal management companies in India assists the air operators with plenty of flight related issues. Whenever there is an incident of flight day they would quickly reassign the resources so as to minimize cost impact. Apart from the gate module we have the check in module which helps in planning and facilitating the operational management of the flights. It would help the airport operators find out about all the service desk requirements. The check in module makes use of operational business guidelines and requirements so as to allocate the desk resources. The check in module greatly depends on the passenger service needs, demands of flight processing and many other factors. The baggage module would help the airport operators with the right mechanism of tacking with the baggage allocation.

Other tasks of the air terminal management companies

The expert cargo handling services of Indian air terminal management companies are enlisted below:

  • Acceptance of cargo which needs to be exported
  • Examining all the cargo by x-raying them
  • Unitization of the cargo
  • Palletization of the cargo
  • Taking the cargo to the ramo
  • Reporting the stake holders
  • Transporting the cargo to the airline
  • Receiving the incoming cargo
  • Proper determination of the weight and dimension of the incoming cargo
  • Helping with all the documentation procedure
  • Loading the cargo to be exported on the right loading equipment
  • Checking for all the hazardous items and perishable items
  • 100% safe custody service which is conducted under the supervision of an expert

In order to get a quote regarding airport terminal management services you need to visit the websites of some of the Indian logistics companies. All you need to do is choose the right air terminal management company, give them a call and find out about all your required details.


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